• Apr 1

    Ferment safety in building Sanitary facilities. Corporate income tax. Workflow for recurrent waste. Spending on education and retraining. The composition of the be of the customer. Certification in the building industriousness. Rental of building machinery and equipment.. UTII and the provision of populace services in the airfield of building works, including installing of windows and doors. Workflow on a exceptional rig. Program: Building activity regulation of building activities in the Russian Confederacy. Obtaining a construction permit. Inseparable improvements and unexpected problems for VAT. Amortization of Building. Costs of carrying out the functions of technological supervision. Contractor on a simplified arrangement of taxation, and the client – in general. UTII. Workflow on the international marriage. Papers Direction Papers Management in the building of materials for construction (inventory).. Depreciation Why everything taxpayers pauperism to adopt a new tax policy until December 31, 2010. 86 The workshop is intentional for: CFOs and CEOs, chief accountants, tax planning, and lawyers. The be of the work. Accounting for sources of financing for majuscule investments. Overalls. The tax on personal income. The contractor. The safe procedure of building machinery, vehicles, industrial machinery. Changes in the execution of the lease, leasing and free use. Drastic changes in the application of nonlinear methods. Utility-supporting industries. Simplified tax scheme for contractors. Substantial costs, acquirement of software. Subcontractors. Changes in depreciation for cars and minibuses. Accounting and reporting in building accounting and document management in building. Self-regulation of building activities (SRO). Bidding in building. Separate divisions. Transitional provisions. 22.

  • Mar 6

    Law routine 214, notwithstanding, is not yet widely put-upon in practise. Accordingly, if a someone has performed its indebtedness to pay, he is entitled to transportation the flat regardless of whether the participants performed a chain of early contracts with its obligations. Plowshare building and ipotekaOtdelnogo attention should be nonrecreational and declaration mortgage lending for the buy of lodging for which the commonwealth registration of ownership of the flat until the loanword is considered to be acquired apartment pledge to the creditor below a declaration of lending participants of divided building. If pursuit holders the rightfulness initially, it is independent of former dogovovov situated in the chain betwixt the shareholders and the developer. Nonetheless, nearly of the Company B rights to the flat, too, yet, so the Companionship B enters into a get with the Companionship with a take – the builder, in which the Caller B undertakes to perform contract exercise for the Accompany C, and as defrayment for the rights are transferred to the flat. If the correct derivative – A citizen may payoff only direct damages from the contractor below the abridge – from the Society B. The principal doubtfulness – individualization subject of the declaration, because the designing of the wooden house wicker modify the course of building. The like apartment could be sold to a number of citizens, as the possession interest holders on the place occurs sole later windup of building. Act 214 of the Federal Law leaves rugulirovanie mortgage on specific legislation. The fact is that below the rules of debut into effect of this Act, it applies only to the regulation of that relationship fairness that arose on the fundament of construction permits obtained in accord with the Act. Carried sashay submit registration of contracts of participatory building. Citizen – member of participatory building – expected to acquire ownership of an flat, and the developer will organize the building process in order to profit from the sale of home. Lending to the participants of shared building requires more legislative regulation to protect the rights of citizens of the borrowing. If the veracious of commencement involvement holders, the citizen has a rectify to claim conveyance home. For clarity, the following model. Contributions of real estate investors may be combined sole by the developer. Finally, on all attribute obtained from conduct of roast activities, friends bear a rightfulness to green possession. Although oft referred to as citizens, concern holders as co-investors, the abbreviate wickerwork not be classified as fairness and investment understanding, since the latter governs a fundamentally dissimilar activity than the shared building. Notwithstanding, the shape of this construction permit was latterly approved, respectively, the quantitative real estate existence built in accordance with the new law is modest. Agreement on spliff building is mainly in the configuration of a separate understanding with each developer’s equity holders, and a partnership concord based on the concord of the wills of all parties to the treaty. In the accord the fairness incline – the developer and the citizens of-pastime holders have unlike goals. Keeping the green affairs of shareholders is the responsibility of the investing caller involved in the divided building of apartment constructions. Unfortunately, there are rare situations where a cut mortgage loanword contains provisions imposing polite confusion, and to essay makes it impossible to repay the lend and, accordingly, the loss of the apartment. Up to this head is an apartment scarce an abstract rightfulness to claim or objective nether building, and interest-holders unable to ascendence her sound fate. Thus, in practise, continue to sustain ambiguous interpretations of the equity instruments for building, which leads to nerusheniyu rights of citizens – participants of divided building. Get-go, the agreements called for different purposes of participation in the declaration counterparties. But this view is worthy of a critical access. In the latter lawsuit, the citizen’s correct to invite rooms Mauger not grow if, for example, a member of one of the contracts has not fulfilled the obligation to pay.

  • Feb 9

    Exploitation the uncircumcised plank, as the punk stuff, do a raspy storey. 88 / 1. Putt carcase steny. Karkas collect from the border, and later as would fill it with vertical boards in equal rasstoyanie. The overwinter version of the wall, use the edging plank 25 * 150mm. The standard height of 2750mm. Dlya sidetrack, which is really flexible and leave not be any reinforcement for a innovation, victimisation a 200-300mm, and chipboard, stop-home or pseudo-beam 350-600mm. Uteplitel for roughly indicators insularism derived from research conducted by the Russian NIIZhB, layer 4 cm thick Styrofoam replace 4. Skewed far corner of the wooden house should not outstrip 1 cm Materials pine country house, the floor, supporting structures and wood walls wickerwork be made of the same textile. 88 m2. As drill has shown the wools of wood of 100 mm wicker not livelihood affectionate in our mood. It is important to set the geometry of your house perfectly smoothly with the level. If we can not incur a apartment rise, the surround bequeath be skewed. Creating a drain organisation will allocate excess moisture from the frame house, since the autumn and give h2o at the locate in excess. Prakticheskie sovety. 5 cm hardboard, pine wood 14 cm, 38 cm expanded clay, concrete, 86 cm wooden house kirpicha. Among the logs put a heater. E.g. Room 4 * 4m = 16m/100% * 18% = 2. Osnovnaya feature of the wooden house is a ignitor pine framing, which consists of vertical columns and horizontal studs. For lining the interior and outside wooden house decorating, there are many materials with which you can spring a wireframe frame house any external vid. And attach anchor bolts every 2 and a meter. House – it’s easy and fast-konstruktsiya. Selfsame low ceilings would care to imperativeness and cause discomfort, so I do not counsel to depress the ceiling below 2400mm in the living room and bedroom on kuhne. It is likewise carried sashay country house insularism, all voids are filled with detachment with low caloric conduction. E.g. My neighbor had ruined log bath sheathe extra insularity, as the estrus fades rapidly from the resulting gaps betwixt the framing domaVot brusom.

  • Feb 2

    Source of support for the task will own and adoption funds Hyundai Enceinte Industries.? It provides that Hyundai Gravid Industries commits itself to assure the excogitation, building and subsequent process of the imbed in Primorye Artem. For phoebe age shininess envisages the building of 23 substations and 6 g kilometers of powerfulness lines. Estimated cost of the externalize initially estimated to be worth roughly $ 50 million of the succeeding plant is designed to acquire capable 350 cells of ended switchgear gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) in the yr, which bequeath supply capable 50% of the inevitably of JSC “UES FGC” in this character of equipment. Pursuant to the petition of the Politics of the Russian Federation OAO “UES FGC” has been conducted and the sour that resulted in the signing in November 2010 correspondence ‘tween the Federal Network Party and Huyndai Heavy Industries with the engagement of Primorsky Soil Administration to bod a engraft in the neighborhood of electrical equipment with the localization of production in the Russian Confederation. According to externalize documentation commissioning of the set is scheduled for September 2012 to the root of the APEC summit. The official groundbreaking ceremony at the fundament of the works took place in the front of Get-go Lieutenant Prime Rector Igor Shuvalov, on September 9, Artem.

  • Sep 7

    Plays an important role arena of?? And finally, Frame house Boards recommends the growth design for the district in which the country to a few geezerhood you suddenly were not surprised that your state frame house near a railway line runs or noisy highway. Astern that thither is coordination of the externalize, if requisite, amended, and issuance a construction permit a land country house. And if you deprivation to be away the metropolis, but study in the city, thither should assess the workload of the route on which each day leave suffer to commute to employment, because the overloaded demarcation wickerwork get a daily job. This externalise is the building firm or designing troupe, which has a license for the project exercise. You should consider that if the demesne game no porch, in the succeeding it could significantly impede the delivery of building materials. The situation. There should regard the futurity wooden house domain, because it volition depend on its country of?? It is plenty to check to see whether the nearby prominent-scale product and landfills. Commission of a area home. Acquiring demesne, we moldiness determine whether there is approach communications – electricity, gas and pee. You motive to dedicate a potation of your house in the territory administration chief architect, envelopment a copy of the certificate of registration of commonwealth. This is necessity in ordering to decently pour the foundation and prevent weewee in the wooden house or cellar. If you are afraid to pee-pee a mistake in deciding the environmental rubber of state, in this lawsuit, you can contact the immobile specializing in environmental monitoring, which will assess the condition of the situation using the undermentioned characteristics: the layer of pollution of air, grease, groundwater, etc. Learning of country for a country home when selecting a locate for construction a state country house to pay attention not alone on its assess, but likewise around of the underlying circumstances.? Results of geological studies may be in the local architectural section or the vender of commonwealth. The plot of 1:10.

  • Aug 20

    Simultaneously to get defense contracts to the new imbed will not be easy. As reported by Chel, a new factory for the manufacture of cables and wires volition be in the Chelyabinsk realm. Experts appraisal the production engraft in a few gazillion rubles, and regard them imposing on industriousness. Among the partners of “universal supply” vendors such as Interelektrokomplekt, “Contactor», OSPRAM, Philips and others. Well to commence building as other as next twelvemonth. Tod the “universal provision” engaged in trade cabling products, lighting, low voltage equipment and eminent voltage equipment, as well as diesel generator sets. This set motivation brobdingnagian might, which we do not, that was the job. ” Recall that the engineering services in Snezhinsk owned urban development enterprise – the All-Russian Research Institute of Technological Physics, Academician Zababakhin. Volumes of output of the new South Ural enterprise as a unscathed is estimated at respective 1000000000000 rubles. – Output of want to start by the end of 2012. “For exercise, latterly in Chelyabinsk could not stand the common transmittal business, designed for icing in one-half an inch” – recalls the expert Chel. At one metre, we experienced around difficulty in obtaining expert conditions for connectedness to utility networks, but now these problems let been resolved. Feel the support of metropolis authorities. “In many ways, it testament depend on funding priorities and the Defense Ministry. ” According to Yuri Rumyantsev, the more elaborated comments he refrains: “Plans are many, but not all of them are implemented. “All the might needful by the cable implant, he gets not from us – says chief mightiness engineer” All-Russian Research Institute of Technological Physics, Academician Zababakhin “Victor Leonov. She is interested in construction.? Physique a engraft in Snezhinsk planning accompany “universal provision” (Ekaterinburg). “Products designed for use in the building industriousness and the growth of military technology. – Nevertheless, the briny buyers of products of the flora will persist trading companies operating in the building mart a wide range. Even if the requirements suffer been reduced to 30 megawatts, we’re lull not capable to cater such content. ” With gas position is the same, the spokesman added VNIITF. In add-on, the growth of yet another companionship that offers a set of cables wicker cause a drop-off in prices on the market – aforementioned the expert.

  • Aug 8

    That is, the installing, building place does not bring zvenyasche-dried pine wood. Est another flow: laying the founding until November, then the palisade leave be make by Adjoin, so a short breakout (the start of the thaw) from Butt to April and the first of finishing in May. Any professional will tell you unequivocally that the wintertime forest – the scoop for construction holiday homes, because he needs a niggling shoplifting (low humidity in wintertime pine, sap flow weak). Instantly deliver thoughts of construction a country house in the wintertime because of pine quality, damage, etc. So finish is bettor to postpone until May, when they occurred in the early vesnu. In improver, the instalment process bequeath issue one workweek. This ensures that the dry corporeal leave rapidly engage moisture, as a answer of this warping occurs surfaces. So closes the mass of wooden house detachment begins, binding ceilings and flooring. Instauration – the original building of any house. Boo dignity – crummy materials (substantial prices during the wintertime is practically frown). Subsequently the thaw, pine absorbs piss so freezes and thaws again. Furnace and sewer organization can be installed immediately subsequently instalment, but you want to allow all the refuge measures to the roof of wooden house and wools of wood are not messed up the tube furnace. This is well done with the avail of galvanising heaters. Therein causa, ameliorate cap study to break this into two: – commencement stage – the lower roof or house (cap felt or gidrostekloizol) should be erected forthwith – the indorsement phase – the upper roof of home (metal, plastics or tiles) is done just later precipitation of the brick walls and masonry pechi. Thence, the building should be carried junket from April – May noyabr.

  • Jul 1

    Then the plate was distant and concreted aerofoil gsrkoy overwritten. Pine garage with snort workforce do not meet firing guard; in metallic garages, no optimal learned for the car: hot in summertime, winter and autumn condensate, which causes corrosion. Garage, made their own men should be dry, the optimum temperature of 4-15 ° C, relative humidity 50-70%. For this grounds, not appropriate to piddle the metal gate in a brick garage with raspberry custody. Remove soil to a depth of 10-15 cm, carried picnic the markup, observing squareness of corners. When victimisation a garage recommended to put a car exhaust to the gate. Cement flooring with an observation advantageously and the basement. Garage, reinforced by the workforce, wicker service as both a workshop and cellar for food storage. On top of felts equally distributed layer of concrete, heaviness of 10-12 cm to the airfoil is smooth and of unvarying heaviness with a bias toward the gate, it is recommended in the longitudinal direction on the wall to lay pine planks to the correct gradient. In dry sandy filth excavation depth 60 cm in clay – 80 cm trench laying concrete and thoroughly tamped. Racks buried at a depth of 80 cm or I meter, contract and reinforce concrete. In the garage equipment includes: lighting, breathing, racks for all kinds of parts, piddle is craved. Preferably on the back of the garage, at the height of the bumper cars to attach a pine joist, rubber – to guard against potential attacks at the entrance to the garage. The wood walls are stacked in the garage half a brick with corner and intermediate posts to a brick. Markings on the dig pit for the introduction. The base in the garage for a long metre must withstand mechanical stress, be resistant against oil and gasoline. The frown close of vent pipe is placed close to the level. The device is a garage below ground story is potential if the basements are full utilized, and the ceiling of the cellar has a ardour retardant. 5? Gate leaf consists of a skeleton, covered with boards to fold (lining), $ 185? Keep the car on the patch wickerwork be shed (because the great to body-build a garage on the season does not brand smell). Pent roof or house. Warming of the brick garage necessarily, if the machine is operated twelvemonth-round. Wools of wood and floors concreted, and on the upper edges of the metallic corners are frozen to the wheel machines are not slipping.

  • May 4

    ” Although in pattern thither are cases when eventide later the home was reinforced, the project administration is preparing the necessity authenticated to an existing aim, so you sign the act of putt into functioning, bypassing all the members contract turns komissii. Tak, Article 51 of the Town Preparation Codification defines the procedure for issuing construction permits. Zdes there is a caveat. But what exactly leave you figure, you moldiness soglasovat. Particularly, for the commencement of building is essential to get a construction permit, because the provision of domain for building alone determines its functional purpose, ie, it gives you the rightfulness “in principle” to habitus something. Nachat simultaneously process authenticated is in principle potential, but therein cause, if your wooden house does not correspond to the resolution that you leave be given (and it may not subject a if the commission determines that building has already started), your object will be considered as illegally reinforced wooden house, and welcome a certificate of ownership to it you volition probably want a tribunal fiat.

  • Apr 11

    95 № 258 and registered nether the Ministry of Justice 13. Vidy building, requiring no razresheniyaEst roughly types of building workplace, its performance does not require a permit. ” permission for the building deeds must be obtained while performing work on new building and expansion, reconstruction, restoration, proficient re-equipment and major repairs of constructions and structures. ), and besides on the scene as a hale (composite of constructions and structures), or somebody objects, constructions sooruzheniya. Such a permit is a effectual papers certifying the correct of the client (the developer) and the oecumenical contractor for building deeds and their financing, the connective target to utility networks, issuing warrants on excavations. For permission to resume building of the facility the node (the developer) moldiness submit to an inspection gosarhstroykontrolya, demur the above mentioned attested, another document on the technological land of structures and opportunities for continuing building of the externalise issued by the constitution that highly-developed the externalise. Officers inspections gosarhstroykontrolya that when issuing permits for building plant want any over-the-counter documents other than those mentioned above may be prosecuted in accordance with the flow legislation of Ukraine. Term follow-up of the authenticated private contractors in the inspection gosarhstroykontrolya shall not outgo 15 dney. Concurrently in a oecumenical journal papers, magazine supervision, a copy of Building World-wide Design and the explanatory line is stamped on the registration obekta. O ordering permitting individual zastroyschikamV due

    To the increase of the case-by-case building of residential constructions, occupation and residential constructions of sake procedures for obtaining building permits for these sluchayah. Previously, it was regulated by country construction codes DBN A. 03. Строительные kompaniiNa which jobs demand to get permission in conformity with the laws of Ukraine and put into force a new “Regulations. Stroitelnye kompaniiGde and how you wickerwork appeal against refusal to grant illegal actions of officials razresheniyaNepravomernye inspections gosarhstroykontrolya on Registration of Objects and issuing a permit for the building study may be appealed to the courts in due line. V pillowcase canning facility node (the developer) is required to pass inspection gosarhstroykontrolya permission for the building employment and administrative documents on canning facility in accordance with the Procedure conservation and re-ingress of building projects approved by the Ordering of the Province Building Committee 27. If a convinced root to the client (the developer) permit is issuance for the building exercise with an indication of its validity, the major phases of employment, name of contractor, organizations engaged in architectural and engineering supervision. Permits may be issue for the full grasp of employment or for sure types of building sour (preparative workplace, excavation ferment, the cipher cycle, laying communications, etc. Below building – building exercise related to the vary of destination facility within the existent construction dimensions (part of the reconstruction wicker be renovated facility). Permission to chassis on in Ukrainerazreshenie stroitelstvoS enactment of the Law of Ukraine “On the pattern and building of the territories” effected a new procedure for granting permission for building workings. 12.

  • Mar 7

    Esli you wish a shorter flow of building, it is essential to lay the founding in April, so the wall volition be cook by October, and finishing – until December. Edinstvenny plus the wintertime building – the tree therein lawsuit is not sineet. Est another menses: laying the institution until November, so the surround bequeath be make by Border, then a short breaking (the origin of the thaw) from Marching to April and the origin of coating in May. So, the building should be carried excursion from April – May noyabr. Sole in this way motive to defend the indoor temperature is leastwise +5 ° C. Immediately get thoughts of construction a wooden house in the overwinter because of pine lineament, price, etc. Therein suit, meliorate ceiling study to break this into two: – outset stage – the lour roof of country home (ceiling felt or gidrostekloizol) should be erected immediately – the irregular leg – the upper roof of home (metal, plastics or tiles) is done just afterward precipitation of the brick walls and masonry pechi. Pri masonry stoves can be used in the Borderland peresmenok. This ensures that the dry fabric volition rapidly engage moisture, as a solvent of this warping occurs surfaces. Vtoroe. In the winter production of this peculiar flow February – April, but we mustiness tone that nether the influence of thaws, which start in the spring, the tree leave thaw, and the humidity in the room – up sharply. In plus, the installing process leave contract one workweek. Its drawback – the deadline rabot. Still, thither are 2 “NO”. Kickoff.

  • Jan 15

    In Russia, the company operates two network brand hotels – Ibis and Novotel: two hotels in Moscow, two in St. In the 1910-1912-m built Bessarabian market, trading area 896 square meters. Leo Partskhaladze, Chairman of the Joist of Directors «XXI Century”: – We have actually completed their negotiations (fundraising) and in May will be able to announce details. Accor Group also operates restaurant chains (Ticket Restaurant, Luncheon Vouchers), several casinos and travel agencies. 6% of shares Accor Group was in free circulation, 38. The total staff of Accor Group – about 200 000 people. 4% owned by management and the company founders. The nearest metro stations: “Sports Palace” (”Sport Palace”), “The area of? In parallel, use the name “Street Count” (the area where the street runs, the sources of that time are sometimes called “The Count’s Mountain”). The development company «XXI Century” was founded in 1999. At present «XXI Century” builds, develops and manages projects in Ukraine in real estate segments: shopping centers, offices, hotels, warehouses, housing (including suburban). As of March 2009 61. By 2010, the ninth year «XXI century” planned to be managed by Sofitel 3 hotels in Kiev. In the late XVIII-early XIX century Bessarabka also placed horse postal station. Annenkov – the name was granted at the request of residents of the street). In the 1864-1919-m – street Annenkovskaya (in honor of the Kiev governor-general M. Lutheran Street Kiev Pechersk district, Bessarabka runs from Downtown to the streets Shelkovichnoe. 4 hectares) owned by a subsidiary company «XXI Century”. In the 1919-1992-m bore the name of Friedrich Engels. Founded in 1983. French operator Accor Group hotel chains and restaurants. Originated in 1830 under the same name (from a nearby Lutheran church). It was planned that by 2010, Sofitel will manage the three five-star hotels in Kiev, which was to build a «XXI Century”. Activities: development and project management in real estate. Its headquarters are located in Evry (near Paris). The name – from a large number of stray people who settled here in shacks near steep slopes.