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    Many tourists who visit Odessa, asking the same question: how to buy an apartment there for them? The warm sea, sandy beaches, a resort town atmosphere and friendly people will force you to come back to Odessa and buy dom. Prodazha apartments in Odessa is very popular among the guests of our country (about 7 percent of all apartments in the main street of the city, Deribasovskaya owned by foreign nationals) Why? 1. This is a profitable investment (real estate prices rising in Ukraine) 2. Owners of apartments in Odessa is a great option for summer recreation and plyazh3. Business at the time of your departure, you can rent the property to rent and get a pretty decent and stable dohod. Chasto Asked Questions related to buying real estate and apartments in Odessa for foreign grazhdan. Kakie documents are required to buy an apartment? 1. Documents that prove your identity. A passport or passport (visa and notification of crossing the Ukrainian border).2. Identification Number (original) Any foreigner who wants to fully live, work and do business in Ukraine must obtain an identification number (taxpayer). He issued the district tax inspection at the place of residence. Law firms can do it in 2-3 days. Cost of services is about $ 50Kakoy monthly payments for utilities? On average, all costs (water, sewage, heating) varies in the amount of 40-70 dollars a month. (The amount depends on the flat area, district, and several other moments calculated utilities).