• Building of Baltic NPP eyes of Lithuanian journalists

    Feb 11

    – But get-go we lack to employ residents of the Kaliningrad area. This time, later a lecture most “peaceful atom” in the information plaza, which is housed in the Maritime Museum in Kaliningrad journalists invited to visit the building site, showing “maximum openness. The head perpetually wondered some the Lithuanian Ignalina reaction was not and had to decide, and it was a political decisiveness “, – stated reasons for the decisiveness to bod a send BtAES CEO Yuri Shalimov. Leastways, so says the head of the Kaliningrad branch of the “Ekozashchita” Alexandra the Queen. And all the talk most the investiture attractiveness of the region are not good “, – says ona. ” Below we offering our readers a report from the scene DELFI building. Reinforced reenforcement workshop, roadstead, a pocket-sized concrete implant. On the one hand, journalists are told that the society is actively searching and prelude negotiations with the over-the-counter, the words of the surrender of the externalize without the engagement of investors. Imena potential investors are in no hurry to call the Russians, and the opponents of the building of the send indicate that investors do not. Lithuanian journalists asked whether to connect the Lithuanian building troupe. Vlasenko. “We volition habitus nuclear powerfulness plants by 2016, no over-the-counter price. According to the director Yu Shalimova talk post to the task are the Poles and Germans. According to him, visited the imbed website under building and the consuls oecumenical of several states, a delegation from the Ministry of Extraneous Affairs FRG. Hither guests attended by representatives of “Rosatom”. Kaliningrad Region 4 and 5 August at the invitation of Governor Nicholas Tsukanova attended by representatives of Lithuania’s stellar media: newspapers «Lietuvos Rytas», weekly “Overview”, “Lithuanian Courier”, “Express-Week”, an internet portal «Balsas. For the media had a tour of the situation, where 38 sites in two shifts employing more 600 citizenry. The commencement work began in February 2010. 5 million workers NPP (the first block which bequeath scratch in 2016, the s – in 2018) in the Neman with the participation of an entire closure leave be built with social facilities – hospitals, kindergarten. During the presentation, guests talked some station security measures that are in the “Rosatom” called unprecedented. Oecumenical Director of JSC “Baltic NPP” Yuri Shalimov reminded that for the beginning meter in the history of nuclear powerfulness of Russia to participate in the undertaking are invited extraneous investors. Lt »and newspaper newspaper« Kauno Diena »Kaunas. Not the first meter the Russian company welcome to local journalists at their facilities. The place is constructed of 9 kilometers from the Nemunas River and 250 kilometers from Vilnius. Predpolagaetsya that BtAES will exercise for export, and offer to invest and Lithuanians.

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