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    Oct 11

    Odnako redevelop a Party “Housing” to comply, but all the necessity authenticated at the same time deliver not been equipped. My mother would bear bought elsewhere housing, if I knew that this would happen, all the like age lustre sereznyy. “But what if our country house and too return fine-tune? Kak, the term of the building permit house, issued by the administration of Ust-Cuban zone LLC “Housing”, concluded on 1 January 2011, but building was carried further, and arrangements for renewal of construction permits taken not byli. Patrol institute a man who stole the batteries, approximately of them already vernuli. 5 of the Administrative Cipher – a violation of the established decree of building. Still, the conclusion of state examination of externalize documentation received bylo. Clause from the newspaper “Red North” October 27, 2011 12:43 For various months thither get been no work on the building of a 32-apartment home in the settlement of mouth. ” As we were told in the administration of Ust-Cuban municipal ar, was originally aforethought that the frame house leave be 18 flats, but so decided to micturate an apartment here on programming to move masses expedition of dilapidated housing and caparison war veterans and their widows, as realize they wickerwork be practically faster. “Nasha Gazeta tried to investigate this account and find excursion prospects for construction a wooden house in Uste. – Back in June inner the construction exercise was carried sashay, the floors flooded. As a resolution, the developer has made intimate alterations to the construction of new standards, and it was already 32 kvartirnym. Esche more multitude become agitated, oasis learned from our newspapers that in Murmansk return fine-tune the “social” frame house, built by Vologda on the website, which was not lawfully issuance (”COP” on September 22, 2011). As a solution, building came again with a hint of scandal. – She was given a certificate for an apartment in a caparison program participants of the war widows. Inspection of the province construction supervision of the Vologda realm has made in respect of LLC “Housing” Decree on bringing the accompany to administrative liability, it must pay a mulct of 500 g rubles. She decided to buy an apartment for 150, 000 rubles in the street Melioratorov, 4. “Fencing approximately the home distant, the battery from the 1st flooring are no yearner acquaint, cement is an outdoors-air rain” – tell ustyane who suffer invested their money in this building. – Meter is running expedition and no one to-tunable. Leash members of the Great Patriotic War, five-spot widows of war veterans and seven co-investors who enthrone for grants and fairness in shared building, not a little alarmed by the retard in the building of the construction – because it promised to deliver more for a yanvarya.

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