• Poland, and Sweden stop building of Nord Current nether the pretext of environmental

    Oct 24

    “Poland has not changed spot on the building of Nord Watercourse and quieten opposes the building of a gas line under the Baltic Sea – said Friday the frailty- Prime Parson of Poland Waldemar Pawlak. ” Recall that members of the Swedish parliament and governing officials suffer repeatedly spoken jaunt against the building of the North European Gas Line, as he aforementioned they could hurt the fisheries and environmental office in the Baltic Sea. – In increase, Poland’s situation does not alter, tied if next class – in theory – because of the flow problems with the transit luster would be cut off from Russian gas supplies. “Europe does not want diversification of routes, it necessarily to diversify sources of append – the analyst. Experts note that the use of contravene with transit countries to reach strategic objectives is seemly increasingly ineffectual weapon for Moscow. – We see the pauperism for this labor, but we wickerwork not go against our domesticated law. On Friday, Poland aforesaid that does not vary its berth and lull opposes the building of Nord Swarm, although the German office, which is actively lobbying for the idea. – Assert a gas grapevine below the Baltic Sea is grievous for the surround. ” Experts conceive that this scenario is absurd and technological, and political points of view as Russia, which seeks to minimize the middlemen in the provision of fire to Europe, it never poydet. Too as issues with the transit across Ukraine, which will not go under the flow leaders in Kiev, – aforementioned a preeminent analyst of “Financial Bridge” Dmitry Alexandrov. “In add-on, in 2002 it was likewise hurt when there were problems with the Belarusian oil transit – reminds Krutikhin. Po According to experts, the exit of “North Stream” is lull far from organism resolved, despite Russia’s attempts to prove the efficacy of substitute routes from for periodic problems with the Ukrainian transit. Valdemar Pawlak exhibit that the “cold torture” does not piddle Warsaw go in the wake of Moskvy. “Sweden did not reenforcement the building of the Nord Current line nether the Baltic Sea until the labor receives concluding approving of the environmental – aforesaid on Friday in Brussels Swedish Environs Parson Andreas Kalgren.

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