• Construction a house, pine wood and metallic frames

    Jul 26

    When choosing windows are guided by seasonal homes, double glazed windows are not needed for a summer country house and is indispensable in the overwinter bonce. House – it’s easy and fast-konstruktsiya. We get a windowpane 1. Typically, the distance 'tween the logs 60, 40, 30cm. And attach anchor bolts every 2 and a meter. Steny domaPodgotavlivaem matted and dry coat for the assembly of the wood walls. Pod quality laid with cap textile, and causes impregnation ( antiseptic) for woodland, which prevents absorption of wet into the timbre. When sex is terminated, you can start to framing stenam. Skewed far corner of the country house should not outdo 1 cm Materials pine wooden house, the base, supporting structures and wood walls can be made of the same textile. 88 / 1. It is authoritative to set the geometry of your wooden house perfectly swimmingly with the level. Prefer the size contingent the coveted ceiling height. Spell the beauty of real pine wood with naught nesravnima. The brick walls. Using the uncircumcised plank, as the cheesy stuff, do a boisterous deck. Predvaritelno vertical sawing boards the like size.? Let’s startle with the building of gender as a basic platform for further building of a house. E.g. My neighbor had finished timber bath sheathe additional insulation, as the passion fades chop-chop from the resulting gaps betwixt the framing domaVot brusom. E.g. Way 4 * 4m = 16m/100% * 18% = 2. Osnovnaya feature of the home is a light pine framing, which consists of vertical columns and horizontal studs. For lining the national and exterior country house adorned, there are many materials with which you wickerwork spring a wireframe wooden house any external vid. Sayding really virtual in footing of strength and practicality, it is easy to clean and unlike pine varnishes do not pauperism to update and impregnating every few age. As recitation has shown the brick walls of 100 mm wicker not livelihood strong in our climate. Pol get-go outline the exact location of brick walls with pine logs 150 * 50mm.

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